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Meet our facilitators and learn how to join our team

The rise of Covid-19 has resulted in a growing public mental health crisis. Our community deserves expanded options for grief support to get through this crisis, and beyond.

We are seeking to connect with facilitators who are either experienced mental health providers, certified grief practitioners, chaplains, or other qualified grief counselors.

Please connect with us to learn more about the benefits of joining our facilitator cohort and our selection process.

Facilitator Bios

Get to Know Our Facilitators

Ballard - Seattle

Brian Hartzman

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Greater Pacific Northwest

“social togetherness . . . physical distancing”


- Pedro Delgado, Let's Stick Together While Staying Apart


Grief Comes in Many Forms

Grief is a built-in, natural response to loss. It is universal and it manifests itself in unique ways for each person. What is the same for everyone is that grief doesn’t just “go away.” It may go underground, but it wants and needs to be acknowledged.

Our team recognizes the needs of our vulnerable immigrant and BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, and people of color). We are actively recruiting facilitators with the cultural competence and language skills that will be required to develop the right kind of supportive services for the greatest number of people. If you have an ethnocultural group in mind that is not represented in our current offering, please contact us at to let us know.

Facilitators FAQ

  • What are the requirements to be a facilitator?
    All facilitators have the professional experience, personal references, and academic qualifications required to create and deliver educational grief content and effectively lead live support group sessions in an online format.
  • Can licensed mental health providers act as facilitators?
    Yes. However, PNW Grief will not promote the fact that some facilitators are also licensed professionals. Their educational backgrounds, but not their licensure, will be shared in their bios, group descriptions, etc. All copy on the website makes clear that groups are designed specifically asgrief education and group support, instead of clinical mental health services. Participants will be required to sign an agreement that affirms their understanding of this important distinction.
  • What about mandatory reporting, recordkeeping, and insurance reimbursement?"
    We cannot compel mandatory reporting from a legal standpoint, but our policies as an entity will be for facilitators to report directly to the appropriate agencies (not to PNW Grief) if they have concerns about self-harm, harm to others, or a risk of harm to children or vulnerable adults. There will be no clinical recordkeeping. There will be no opportunities for insurance reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs for joining mult-week group sessions.
  • Do facilitators need to pay any fees?
    No. Facilitators will not need to pay any costs to join and connect with participants via the PNW website.
  • How are facilitators compensated?
    All facilitators will act as independent contractors, not hired as employees, and will need to fill out a basic contractor agreement and W9 form so they can receive a 1099 form at year end from Banister Advisors, LLC. Facilitators will receive their session compensation after the kick off of the first group meeting and the PNWG team will work with them to process an invoice to be in full compliance with our accounting standards
  • How are costs determined for group participation?
    Facilitators set the parameters for groups, including participant costs, in collaboration with the PNWG team. Contact to learn more about the transparent financial model and how revenue and expenses are accounted for). The longer term goal is to engage sponsors to provide scholarship opportunities for the general public or individuals affiliated with or served by different groups. (e.g. United Way could scholarships for single parents who have experienced job loss, specific to certain geographies)

We would love to connect with you to learn more

Are you a facilitator who would like to help?

DISCLAIMER | All facilitators have a minimum educational background in grief support and mental health. However, facilitators who are also licensed mental health providers are not providing clinical services. PNW Grief provides information and  technical support for grief education and support groups. PNW Grief and its sponsors are not liable for the content created and delivered by any participating online facilitators who share their private group offerings on our site.

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