“The natural grief process needs attention in order to proceed toward acceptance, healing, and reintegration. This is how we honor our losses.” - Trudy James


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“Studies have revealed that human connection — something as simple as getting an offer of help from a stranger or looking at a picture of someone you love — can ease pain and reduce physical symptoms of stress. "


- Sarah Kaplan, Washington Post


What to Expect

Grief education and support aims to meet individual needs to seek comfort, incorporate losses, and discover “the way forward” to allow for healing, transformation, and growth.

While every griever is unique, it can be helpful to connect with others experiencing a similar loss. Some facilitators will offer groups that are centered around either very broad or highly specific types of loss. The benefit of offering a range of different formats, categories of loss, and group affiliations is that people can discover and select the options that feel best for them.

In addition to delivering high quality educational content, each facilitator offers experiences that are centered around non-judgmental listening and peer support.  People report they are able to effectively process their unique, individual grief through an approach that blends education, self-reflection, and group sharing within each session.

Please contact support@pnwgrief.com to suggest options for any new types of groups you would like to see offered by facilitators through this platform


Bereaved Individuals

About Our Groups

Grieving happens to each of us in different ways. Whether you are grieving the loss of a spouse, partner, family member, or best friend, allowing others to witness and share in your grief can greatly reduce loneliness, isolation and suffering. Our groups are designed to provide compassionate connection and genuine care to meet you where you are.

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Life Altering Events

About Our Groups

Grief is a normal and natural reaction to loss. Many associate grieving with the death of a loved one, but any loss can trigger grief.


Big changes in our lives–positive or negative–can have profound effects on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Receiving support during major transitions can make all the difference in our health and happiness as we integrate loss into our life experiences.

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Strained or Broken Relationships

About Our Groups

The grief that follows the loss of an important relationship can be extremely painful and confusing. Divorce, separation, abandonment, estrangement or betrayal from a meaningful relationship can bring unique feelings to each person.

Often, society generally does not validate the complexity of grief that may follow these relationship changes. Our groups are built to honor and support whatever significant relationship you may be struggling with.

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Courses are being listed on an ongoing basis. Check back soon for updates or email support@pnwgrief.com to request more information.

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DISCLAIMER | All facilitators have a minimum educational background in grief support and mental health. However, facilitators who are also licensed mental health providers are not providing clinical services. PNW Grief provides information and  technical support for grief education and support groups. PNW Grief and its sponsors are not liable for the content created and delivered by any participating online facilitators who share their private group offerings on our site.